Mechanical Design

We provide all Mechanical Engineering services and Sanitary Works and are proud to exceed the expectations of customers from all aspects such as the services provided and adherence to the delivery date.

  • Sanitary Works: Health works include all the necessary works for the project, from feeding and drainage of water, installation of sanitary tools and devices as well as all the necessary other accessories. As our health workers are characterized by high skill to ensure the safety of installation, good arrangement and conformity of all tools, devices and technical specifications that are necessary.

 The accuracy of the implementation of health works requires careful study of the architectural project and full knowledge of it to determine all the levels of the site and the project. Health Works can be divided generally into the following points:

  • Types of health devices and their inclusions
  • Water feeding works and overhead tanks
  • Sewerage works
  • Air Conditioning Works: In this section, we are distinguished by our highly skilled working groups of administrators, engineers and technicians that are responsible for the safe and effective installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems.

Design Foundations for Central Air Conditioning Units:

  • Networks (Air duct network – Duct insulation review – Air out lets – Ice pipe network and insulation)
  • Air Conditioning and Ventilation Equipment and Devices (A.H.U), (F.C.U) – Fans – Chelors – Pumps – Expansion Tank – Air Repellent – Cooling Towers)