Architectural site coordination is a profession related to the design and exploitation of land for human use and pleasure. This craft is concerned with the beauty of the natural environment and the practical methods of using the land and its objects.

Our architects create plans for various land development projects, including national parks, squares, collective housing projects and home gardens. They design devices for children’s playgrounds or propose a guiding plan for the expansion of a university.

They may also plan for a whole new community. Landscape architects are involved at all levels where decisions are made on land and city planning, site design and land use management.

Stages of Landscape Design and Landscaping

  • Research work, which includes a set of basic data and a comprehensive survey of the site. We study the terrain, the soil, etc.
  • The creation of a landscaping plan with the use of all the data collected in the first phase 

The criteria that determine the quality of the project are divided into two parts:

  • Functional (e.g. quality of structures, stability of plant growth in the site’s environmental conditions, etc.)
  • Aesthetic (where it suits the needs of the client, with the presence of the artistic expression of the plant)