This method draws on the previous experience of our engineers in designing and studying electrical loads for existing projects while integrating modern technologies and advanced as well as specialized computer programs to make technical calculations, based on the diverse estimated values of loads.

Electrical loads in general facilities vary from lighting, air conditioning, electrical appliances, elevators. Etc.

The first step in the design of electrical wiring is based on determining the standard amount of different electrical loads per square meter.3n b  n     

Main Steps of Electrical Designs

  • Initial steps of the electrical project
  • Determine the requirements of the project
  • Preliminary estimation of electrical loads
  • Estimation and distribution of lighting units
  • Estimate and distribute public exits and electric forces
  • Classification of electrical loads by type
  • Design of sub-circuits
  • Design of weak current circuits
  • Design of main circuits
  • Type of feeding system for electrical panels
  • Make reviews about all electrical works