Much like fingerprints, it is a combination of personal creativity and architecture that aims to create solutions for construction and present them in a technical and creative style that pleases the beholder and the passerby as well as reflecting the extent of its aesthetics and the skill of our engineers.

The concept of architectural design is that it is a set of steps that are followed to solve a particular issue or problem and this is done through the formulation of this solution in the form of signs, ideas, images and drawings to be used as means of clarification, and the stages of architectural design are represented in the following points:

  • Collection of information, which is useful in the stage of processing the requirements and study of the project, and includes the information to be obtained (identification of what the problem is, function, inventory of variables, knowledge of the nature of the site, building legislation, religious, social and historical aspect of the place, building materials and construction system), which can be summarized as the stage of architectural programming.


  • The stage of information analysis from the stages of architectural design and its examples (topography, noise, movement and access, wind, vision, soil, etc.).

The idea is starred which includes (identifying the elements of the project, developing a diagram of functional obstacles.


  • Detection of priority solutions, work of horizontal projections and determination of the initial form.


The last stage of architectural design is the process of comparing solutions, evaluating them, searching