Marwan Ashour


The experience gained over the past years made us strive to enhance standards of excellence and exceed our client's expectations. Over 38 years, we have always been on top priority and be chosen locally and internationally to participate in the largest and most complex engineering projects. We enjoy a firm reputation and experience that exceeds all expectations from our partners in success, who aim to reach the highest levels of quality engineering or consultancy work in our field. We always strive to create an environment that will achieve the best for future generations, with the highest modern and quality standards that serve humanity and contribute to creating an attractive aesthetic environment. Honesty and integrity are the most valuable assessments we develop and direct our experience in the desired business to the highest degree of realistic perfection. M. MARWAN ASHOUR President and Founder (since 1984)


We are an engineering consulting firm that is set to compete in highly competitive Engineering Consulting Services industry among our global market. For almost 40 years, We have been recognised for our vision, talent and integrity. Dedicated to sustainable development, our firm has a great collective of designers, advisors and experts working across MENA regions. we collaborate with our clients and business partners using inspirations, technology and thoroughness to shape a better future.


We act responsibly towards our clients, business partners, colleagues, our society and our environment.


We thrive on solving problems and challenges. As we discover impactful and out of the box solutions.


We are constantly improving and will only deliver outstanding work products


We value and cultivate high functioning teams as our best work is done together.


We are honest, straightforward and authentic. We are candid and direct as we have the courage to make tough decisions.


We strive for consistency and clarity, make decisions pragmatically and quickly as we focus on what’s essential.

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Our Mission

To provide professional and result oriented engineering consulting services that will assist businesses, governments, individuals and non-profit organizations in achieving their business goals. We are an engineering consulting firm that can favourably compete with other leading brands in the industry.

Our Vision

We are impartial partner to our clients and committed to our communities - We measure, engage and deliver any project, whatsoever its complication, which we chase. - we provide a differentiated offering resulting in value-for-value returns - We deliver the bottom-line of any ROI’s required, which is the vital business goal. - We still a member-owned firm